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Paddle Boards

Some of the best paddleboards out there.   Awesome for beginners and fun for experienced riders.  These are both wide boards for ultimate stability 

Large Paddle Board

  • One Day- $50

  • 2nd Day- $45

  • 3rd Day- $40

  • Call For Extended Pricing

The Large Paddle Board otherwise known as the Lower Salt Co. Chieftain is great for folks that want to have extreme stability.  With its 3 separate air chambers this board will instill confidence in all paddlers.  It is also great for double riders with a smaller passenger, dogs, or to carry big coolers or allot of gear. 

For more detailed information click on the image above.

Standard Paddle Board

  • One Day- $35

  • 2nd Day- $25

  • 3rd Day -$10

  • Week Long Rental 80

The Standard otherwise known as the Lower Salt Co Classic is a great all around board.  It is lighter than the large board with out comprising stability.  This board was custom designed to be wider than most paddle boards to improve overall rider comfort. 

For more detailed information on the board click on the image above.

What's your rental Include?

Paddles, Life Vests and Universal Vehicle Mounting Solutions and Straps.

We also have a decent amount of cooler bags and small coolers on us if you need one....but only if you pinky promise to give it back.

**We have a small amount of fishing poles that can be added during time of booking check out for only a couple bucks a day. 

** Will also include a few lures.

**Seats for Paddleboards can be purchased as an add on at checkout.

Life jackets are included with every rental

Reserve Your Trip

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