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Our Kayaks

We believe no one should rent anything from us that we wouldn't personally use. That is why we rent great equipment at rock solid prices.  We have three great options below. 

Sit on top Kayak Rental

Sit on top Kayak

  • One Day - $40

  • 2nd Day - $35

  • 3rd Day - $30

  • Call For Extended Rental Pricing

  • All of our sit-on-top kayaks are fishing models that include: rod holders, ample storage for your cooler, space for your fishing pole, and a dry storage container for your phone or other valuable items.

  • Whether you're fishing or just getting out on the water, no worries, the sit-on-top kayak is still a good choice. It is very stable and even has self-bailing holes called scuppers.  These allow the boat to drain water automatically should you get unwanted water in the boat.

  • The sit-on-top kayak rental will come with an attachable folding chair for comfort. These kayaks also have a handy paddle holder on the side of each handle.

Sit in Kayak Rental

Sit in Kayak 

  • One Day - $40

  • 2nd Day - $30

  • 3rd Day -$25

  • Call for Extended Rental price

  • The sit in kayak model is great for cooler weather and water since you are more enclosed. It can also be an advantage during warmer months as well to provide shade to your lower half.

  • Our sit in models are all beginner friendly and can be slightly more nimble than the sit on tops. 

  • An additional advantage to the sit in kayak is how lightweight it is. If you plan on Kayaking alone this is a great choice as it is easier to carry by yourself.

  • This kayak also has lots of space to store your belongings for your float.  

Tandem Kayak Rental

Tandem Kayak

  • One day - $65

  • 2nd day - $55

  • 3rd day- $50

  • Call for Extended Rental Pricing

  • The tandem kayak is an adventure in itself. You will have a blast paddling along with your friend or significant other. This option has two very comfortable seats, tons of leg room and storage for belongings.  

Paddles, Seats for kayaks, Life Vests, and Universal Vehicle Mounting Solutions and Straps.

We also have a decent amount of cooler bags and small coolers on us if you need one....but only if you pinky promise to give it back.

** We have a small amount of fishing poles that can be added during time of booking check out for only a couple bucks a day. 

** Will also include lures if needed.

**Seats for Paddleboards can be purchased as an add on at checkout.

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