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  • What is included with my rental?
    Kayak rentals will include: kayak, paddles, life vest, seat(s). Paddleboard rentals include: paddleboard, life vest, paddle. Seats for paddleboards are available for an additional charge. Vehicle straps are included with all rentals if needed.
  • Why do I need two vehicles to float the salt river?
    In order to float the river successfully, it's best to have two vehicles in your group. This is because you float down river and it is very hard to paddle back up to the vehicle you used to get you to your drop in location. We are working on getting a pass through the forest service to be able to pick people up and take them to their car, but for now it's important to bring a second vehicle to bring you back to your drop in location. There are also options to use the bus system that is used for the tubing operation. We know emergencies happen. In these rare events, please call us and we will make accommodations. We refuse to allow any of our customers to walk in 100 degree plus temperatures as we feel this can be dangerous for you and drivers on the road.
  • I have a car without a roof rack, can I still rent kayaks?
    Yes, we have the tools and accessories to get kayaks on pretty much any vehicle.
  • Where will I pick up the kayaks?
    Pick up address will be provided for you shortly after booking has been completed. Please allow up to 12 hours for address details after booking.
  • Where can I take the kayaks?
    Any public use waterways are acceptable. If you are taking our kayaks out of state please let us know. The most popular areas would be the Salt River, Saguaro Lake, Bartlett Lake, Horse Shoe Reservoir, Canyon Lake, Roosevelt Lake and Lake Pleasant. There are also some very pretty smaller lakes and waterways in northern Arizona.
  • Are there cancellation fees?
    We ask that you give us at least 24 hours to cancel as a courtesy but we do understand things come up. No cancellation fee will be issued if you change your booking date instead of cancel. Please call us for more information.
  • What If I want to return the kayaks early?
    No problem, just call or text us and we will try to make sure someone is at the drop off location.
  • Can I bring my dogs?
    Absolutely! Our pups and extended pup family love coming with us. Words of wisdom..... if this is your pups first time, please get them a dog life vest. This will make you and your pup much more confident on your next adventure.
  • Can I bring my young child?
    We have plenty of renters bring there little ones with them on there adventures. For the really new humans, we would recommend purchasing your own life vest since we have limited infant vests. Our advice would be this simple: If your child can swim bring them along. If they can't this may not be the right adventure for them.... yet!
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