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What to Bring

Trip Check List

  1. Tonto Pass which can be purchased at most convenient stores  in the area as well as through us.

  2. Second Car is recommended for all river adventures. If you only have one car please call us directly so we can go over the other options that are available to you. 

  3. Check the weather:  Current mesa weather.

  4. WATER: Ensure you have plenty of drinking water for yourself and your group. 

  5. Snacks, Snack, Snacks... Need we say more,  just trust us on this one.  

  6. Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses: Strongly suggested!  Nobody likes peeling skin.

  7. Life jackets: We provide if you don't have your own

  8. Paddles:  Although we supply the paddles make sure to make the count of your equipment before you get down to the river.  A paddle left the the family SUV isn't going to help you much. 

  9. Tie down straps: Straps are provided but if you have your own we would be stoked if you brought them.

  10. Cooler: We have complimentary coolers but sometimes there is nothing like your own equipment

  11. Ziploc bag or dry bag: Most of our kayaks have semi water tight compartments but its always best to put valuables in a separate water tight containers

  12. Trash Bags: Please pick up after yourself and leave no trace behind!  We love our nature and know you guys will fall in love too.  So let's al do our part to keep it beautiful.

I Should Have Brought my......
Additional Items to consider

  1. Portable speakers: That is if you want to listen to some tunes out on the water

  2. Fishing Poles: We have a limited amount of "River poles" which get the job done but are not fancy by any stretch of imagination 

  3. Footwear: a shoe that can handle getting wet

  4. Headlamp: It's always a nice thing to have weather your planning a night trip or to have incase time escaped you

  5. Toilet paper: Hey, when you gotta go you gotta go!

  6. Binoculars: There are many species of birds and animals in the desert that can be fun to observe

  7. Dog bags: If you bring a dog please bring dog bags... Let's respect our beautiful Arizona 

  8. Medication: Time flies when you're having fun and sometimes you lose track of time. If you are on any medication please remember to bring it with you in case you end up staying longer than planned

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